My heartfelt thanks to Heather Hudson at Graciegirl LLC and Ciro Coelho at Ciro Coelho Photography for their talented imagery throughout the website and for soothing a camera shy Yogini in front of the lens. Contributing photos: Doug Anderson, Jon Shafer, Steve Bissell, Eric Perret, Three Tree, Cheyenne Ellis, Joni Sternbach at Joni Sternbach Photography, Jon Day, Mike Allman, Paul Wellman, Aura Carr and all the participants in our retreats! Last, immense graditude to Michelle Perry for lighting the way ahead. Thank you!– Heather

Strength & Grace, filmed by Heather Hudson

Strength & Grace from Heather Hudson on Vimeo.

Heather Tiddens Yoga Arm Balancing Flow, filmed by Peck Euwer


Yoga Class Sample


The Road Less Traveled, an interview with Heather Tiddens in Breaking Muscle Magazine, part 1

 Defying Stagnation, an interview with Heather Tiddens in Breaking Muscle Magazine, part 2


The Women and the Waves
An Independent Film documenting the female surfing experience.
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To hear the Living Green Show interview with Heather (Creator and Host, Meredith Medland)

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To hear an interview with Heather
on www.ihanuman, March 2009:

Interview with Heather Tiddens, On the Motivation to Teach